2FA as a free feature

Yes, two-factor authentication is a paid feature for Standard Notes now. We've gotten a lot of negativity about this, and it is understandable. I think however if one understood—perhaps viscerally—the difficultly of building a profitable company from scratch, with no outside capital injection, you painfully come to realize the default mode of user operation is a very strong reluctance to part with their credit card.

In fact, about 92% of our users use Standard Notes without paying a single dollar. And sincerely, we're quite lucky to have them! We hold the trust placed in us for protection of your most sensitive secrets very dearly, and of course, firmly. But without applying some pressure to convert to a paying account, that tendency of users to not pay gets only higher. And of course, the closer to a 100% free user rate you get, the more you jeopardize sustainability.

However, in thinking back to what made Standard Notes the relative success it is today, I'm reminded of one factor that catapulted our growth above all else: the community. The good-will. The appreciation of our transparency, business model, and open-sourcing. We've spent close to $0 on marketing over the last half decade. The rest has been pretty much good will.

So, sometime after or close to the release of files, we're going to make 2FA a free feature for all accounts.

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